Natural Resource Department

The Natural Resource Department offers the following services:

  • Referrals – We now have the NSTQ Portal.
  • Archaeology – We have a contract with BCTS for the Arch work in our territory.
  • Technical Support – We provide technical support to our Treaty Staff for Negotiations as required.
  • We manage reserve lands, Woodlot 1578 and FNWL N1I.
  • We have two companies, Kenkeknem Forest Tenures Ltd  and Teniye Logging Ltd.


Phone: (250) 397-2253 or (250) 397-2227
Fax: 250-397-2769

Don Dixon, Natural Resources Coordinator

Melvin Paul, Natural Resources Referrals Coordinator

Braeden Emile, Natural Resources Technician

Natural Resources File Reception

Forestry Department

The forestry department is responsible for all forest related day-to-day operations of the forestry department including on-reserve forests, Band Woodlot, and forestry business entities.

The Forestry Department manages the following:

  • Reserve forests within IR#1-6
  • Woodlot # 559 & #1578
  • Teniye Logging Ltd.
  • Kenkeknem Forest Tenures Ltd.
  • Capacity Building for membership


John Kalmokoff
Registered Professional Forester
Phone: (250) 397-2253