The health department is responsible for the overall well being and health of all community members. The following Services are provided at the health centre:

  • Physician visits every Monday from 1:00PM – 4:00 PM
  • Community Health Nurse provides preventative care (prenatal, parenting, communicable disease, child & youth, injury prevention and new initiatives as requested)
  • Community Health Representative provides assistance to physician
  • Alcohol & Drug Worker provides referral services to either detox or treatment programs
  • Home Support Services provides support to the elderly and handicapped in their homes on a weekly basis
  • Home & Community Care provides health care, assessments, case management and nursing treatments to patients released from medical facility who require on-going medical care.

*Water Samples from community buildings and homes are collected randomly each week and analysed at the Prince George Laboratory for general bacteria, total coliform and fecal coliform


Phone: (250) 397-2717
Fax: (250) 397-4155

Sheila Dick
Health Director

Gladys Rowan
Health Assistant/CHR

Tamara Isaac
Community Health Nurse