The Adult Activity Centre (Elders’ Centre) has been very active in the community since its inception in approximately 2003. The Adult Activity Centre aims to increase wellness and enjoyment of life for the community elders by improving social, mental and physical health. This is done by getting the elders together, stimulating their interests by participating in cultural activities, getting the elders mobile and active both physically and mentally.

To bring the youth and elders together we have visits from the daycare on a regular basis. We also invite youth to come along on fishing trips and have the children from the school come to the elders center for things such as lunch, games, Lahal, Christmas concert, craft-making, and storytelling. They also participate in growing and harvesting vegetables from their own garden. Elders also accompany the recreation department on beach days, which include activities for upwards of 50 children.


Lisa Haertrich
Elders’ Activity Centre
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