The Tsq’escenemc

“The People of Broken Rock”

The People of the Canim Lake Band, or the Tsq’escenemc as we are known in our native language, Secwepemcstin or Shuswap language, are members of the Shuswap Nation.

The Shuswap Nation is part of the Interior Salish People. The Salish People cover the area from the Coast (Coastal Salish) from Northern BC to Washington State to the Cariboo Region. The Tsq’escenemc are part of the lakes people of the Northern Shuswap, using the vast number of lakes in the region to maintain our sustenance.

The Canim Lake Band are a progressive people, striving for self-sufficiency through education, economic development, social development, and overall management of its lands and resources. We have a strong leadership in council as well as within the community, nation and province overall. We are a proud nation, with a rich heritage and culture. We have a unique position within the surrounding community and its economy. We are integrating our historic past and technological present to meet our present needs.


“Canim Lake Band: A politically and financially independent, healthy community, rich in Shuswap tradition and culture.”


The Canim Lake Band community will ensure the social and holistic well-being of its members by:

  • Encouraging and supporting the pursuit of culturally relevant, active, and healthy lifestyles.
  • Encouraging independence through education.
  • Building partnerships and promoting business opportunities.
  • Providing quality services.
  • Preserving the land for future generations.