Natural Resource Department

The Natural Resource Department offers the following services:

  • Referrals – We now have the NSTQ Consultation Guidelines and the RTS.
  • Archaeology – We have a contract with BCTS for the Arch work in our territory.
  • Technical Support – We provide technical support to our Treaty Staff for Negotiations as required.
  • We manage reserve lands, Woodlot 1578 and FNWL N1I
  • We have two companies, Kenkeknem Forest Tenures Ltd  and Teniye Logging Ltd


Phone: (250) 397-2253 or (250) 397-2227
Fax: 250-397-2769

Don Dixon, B.A.

Melvin Paul, B.A.

NRD Reception

Forestry Department

The forestry department is responsible for all forest related day-to-day operations of the forestry department including on-reserve forests, Band Woodlot, and forestry business entities.

The Forestry Department manages the following:

  • Reserve forests within IR#1-6
  • Woodlot # 559 & #1578
  • Teniye Logging Ltd.
  • Kenkeknem Forest Tenures Ltd.
  • Capacity Building for membership


John Kalmokoff
Registered Professional Forester
Phone: (250) 397-2253